Restaurant style prime rib recipe (2024)

Did I just hear “oohs” and “aaahhhs”?!!

If you’re a Prime Rib Roast lover, too, but don’t care for taking out a second mortgage to afford to dine out on dinners such as this, you’re going to LOVE this recipe and method!

It turns out perfect every single time, it couldn’t be easier, and will knock the socks off your guests! I have made this for very important company without a single fret, and it’s presentation is truly jaw-dropping!

I’ve never had better at any restaurant in Chicago or New York City. And when I think of the price in comparison, it makes it that much more exciting!

And it really boosts my confidence and makes me feel accomplished in feeling that, wow, I made this?!And you can do this, too, with no trouble at all.

This is my standby go-to recipe for New Year’s Eve, and of course entertaining as well. The one thing I don’t do, as compared to other recipes, is insert cloves of garlic into the roast. But that’s just a matter of personal preference.

I actually prefer slow-roasted elephant garlic that has practically turned to butter and spread on crusty french bread slices to enjoy alongside. But you can certainly add cloves of garlic to your roast if you’d prefer it that way. There’s a lot of garlic in the rub, so any additional is completely up to you.

I also use ground rosemary compared to whole or even crushed. I really don’t recommend using whole, simply because the eating experience just isn’t a very pleasant one. I mean, who enjoys the roof of their mouth and their gums impaled with needle-sharp rosemary “leaves”? Crushed is better, ground is best. 😉

The one secret ingredient that really takes this rub over the top, is the wasabi powder. Yep, you read that correctly, wasabi powder. (Sometimes labeled “horseradish powder”.)

Don’t worry, it doesn’t make it “hot”. Not at all. But it does give it a unique warmth and peppery taste that just can’t be beat! So DO NOT omit it nor decrease the amount. This is just right the way it is.

I’ve adjusted and re-adjusted this recipe several times, and now I’m pleased and confident enough to share it with you all! I’ll also provide as many helpful tips as I can to ensure that yours comes out perfect every time, too!

Nothing’s worse than cutting into a roast and seeing that it’s overdone. *My times are for medium-rare, or a bit towards rare in the very middle of the roast, so if you prefer it more done, just add a bit more time to each of the three steps. Don’t worry, I’ll help you with that in the recipe directions.

So if you have a special event coming up, or a holiday such as Valentine’s Day, or maybe a special anniversary, birthday or just want to share with some friends or family, keep this one in mind!

This Prime Rib Roast is spectacular, and I cannot think of a better dish toserve when you want to impress or just treat someone you love!

Enjoy all, and let’s have a fantastic New Year!

Restaurant style prime rib recipe (6)

Yield: 6-8 thick cut


  • 1 (7-8 lb.) prime rib roast (with or without the rack of bones)
  • 1/4 cup Kosher salt
  • 2 tsp. ground rosemary or 1/8 cup dried crushed
  • 1 tsp. dried Herbs de Provence
  • 1/8 cup wasabi powder, (also called green "horseradish powder")
  • 1/8 cup good garlic powder
  • 1/16 cup (1 Tbl.) coarse ground black pepper
  • 3 pats of soft butter (about 2 Tbl.)
  • foil to line roaster
  • butter-flavored spray to oil rack for roaster


  • Let roast sit out and come to room temperature for about an hour.
  • In small bowl, combine seasonings well. Do not pat roast dry, leave "wet". Pat on ALL of seasonings. (Some will fall off and you can pat them back on. Not all will stay, but most will.
  • Spray roaster rack and place roast onto rack fat side-up. Place rack with roast into foil-lined roaster. DO NOT add water or any liquid to bottom of roaster.
  • Let sit while oven fully preheats to 375 degrees. When fully preheated, (*my oven takes a full 15 minutes to come to temperature), place into oven so the roast is in the center. *Rack should be one level lower than center.
  • Roast for 45 minutes. Turn oven off and DO NOT OPEN OVEN!! I stick a post-it note on the handle to remind myself! Let sit in the oven for 1 1/2 hours.
  • After 1 1/2 hours resting time, turn oven back on and immediately set the timer for 45 more minutes. *IMPORTANT! If your oven has an upper heating element like mine does, just before turning oven back on, tent with foil to protect top while oven is heating back up! Once oven has reached the proper temp again, you can quickly pull the foil off.
  • After 45 minutes, remove from oven and let rest! (I've actually had to let 2 different roasts rest for over an hour when company was late and it was fine, but let it rest for at least 20-30 minutes loosely tented before carving.) Once it's out of the oven and before tenting to rest, scrape the salt "shell" off of the outside with a sharp knife leaving most of the rest of the seasonings on. It's the salt shell that keeps this roast so juicy inside! But it's very salty and not pleasant to eat. Spread with pats of butter to melt on the outside. Tent with foil and let rest so the juices won't run out.
  • Once cooled enough that when you carve it you won't loose the juices, slice into very thick, restaurant-style slices. *I always start in the middle, and work my way outward towards each end as I go so everyone gets a premo piece! Save the ends for Prime Rib hoagies the next day. 😉
  • Serve with homemade au jus and sour cream-horseradish sauce for dipping if desired.
  • Notes

    *If your roast seems overly long and smaller around than normally, you'll need to decrease the time by 5-10 minutes per each of the three times to have it turn out rare/medium-rare. And always make sure that what you're buying truly is a "prime cut" and not a lesser, more tough grade. Also, "grass fed" beef will always be a little more tough and "gamey" tasting than beef that has been raised by grass and corn.

    **If you prefer it more done, which I don't actually recommend, but if that's what you like, then add the same amount of extra time. *Remember, the ends will be a bit more done than in the very middle, so it's pretty easy to please everyone's taste just as it is. You can always place a few slices for those who prefer it more done in some hot au jus just for a minute or so on each side to cook it a bit further if need be, too. That also works really well.

    Restaurant style prime rib recipe (2024)
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